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Admittance of foreign students at FIOCRUZ is made available through exchange programs, “Programa de Estudante Convênio” (PEC-PG) or diplomatic courtesy.

The PEC-PG is a cooperative activities program developed between Brazil and Nations of Latin America, Central America and Africa, in order to enable citizens of these countries to study in PEC-PG participant Brazilian universities – FIOCRUZ is part of this program. The PEC-PG is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education. Applications are submitted directly to the Brazilian Embassy in the country of the applicant.

For information on criteria, deadlines and required documents for applying for the PEC-PG, click on the link:
PEC-PG (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)
International Candidates living in Brazil will undergo the regular application process (the same as Brazilian candidates).


Application to the Graduate Program on Clinical Research on Infectious Diseases:


Applicants must send the following documents to be analyzed by the INI-FIOCRUZ Graduation Committee (CPG):

1. Copy of the PEC-PG registration form (*);

2. Handwritten letter of interest, in Portuguese, addressed to the Program’s Coordination, justifying the candidate's interest in the Program (*);

3. Birth certificate - certified by the Embassy of Brazil (*);

4. University degree or certificate (*) (with consular visa);

5. Curriculum Vitae, in Portuguese, with a recent photo (*);

6. Undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts (on letterhead) - certified by the Embassy of Brazil (*);

7. Proof or declaration of professional involvement with institutions in the applicant’s country (*)

8. Two letters of recommendation from professors or researchers from renowned universities, colleges or research institutes in the applicant's country of origin, contained in the PEC-PG instruction manual (*)

9. Research project or study plan, as listed in the PEC-PG instruction manual (*)

10. Plans of activities to be carried out in the applicant's country after completion of the program (*)

11. Publications or other documents that prove academic scientific production (*) - complete document

12. Certificate of proficiency in English (Toefl, Cambridge, etc.) (*);

13. Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners (*)

14. The candidate must not reside in Brazil for at least 12 months (if the candidate is a former PEC-PG scholarship holder, he must have exercised professional activity in the country of origin for at least two years (*)).


Doctoral Program Candidates:

All documents listed above.

(*) Document required to enroll in the program.

Send the required documents to:

Office of the Graduate Program Coordination:


Selection process

The Graduation Commission (CPG) will use criteria that allow the comparison of the requirements demanded from the candidates.


The results will be made available to the applicants, informing only about the acceptance or non-acceptance; the letter will be sent by email.

After the results are announced, accepted candidates will have a deadline to contact the nearest Brazilian Consulate in their country and confirm or refuse the acceptance of the scholarship.

Information about the Master's or Doctoral program on Clinical Research:


Instruction Manual for Foreign Students of Stricto sensu Graduate Course from the Evandro Chagas National Infectiology Institute - Fiocruz (click here)


(Uptade: 23/06/2021) Priscilla Sá

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